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Celebration and reset before the new year: Anduin’s Annual Retreat

The Anduin Team at the beach during our 2022 Retreat

Another year, another retreat!

Did you know that... each year the Anduin team in Vietnam comes together for an annual retreat?

Background on our retreats

At Anduin, we value both individual and team growth, and a healthy company culture.

Our annual retreats provide dedicated time and resources for colleagues, both new and seasoned, to get to know each other better, reconnect outside the office work environment, innovate fresh ideas in a safe space, appreciate all the hard work each member has done, celebrate our successes, and prepare for growth in the year ahead.

We find these retreats are especially important for us in a post-pandemic world as our company continues its rapid growth in a hybrid work environment.

For these three or four days, the Vietnam team takes a break from all the screens and meetings to enjoy one of the most beautiful destinations that the country has to offer. There is a full itinerary of activities and entertainment too, so the whole team looks forward to the trips.

What did we do for our 2022 retreat?

The Anduin Team

Our 2022 retreat was to Côn Đảo, a small island in the southeast sea of Vietnam.

Just after Christmas, the team flew on two propeller jets to the roughly 70 square kilometer island. After the humidity and stuffiness of Ho Chi Minh City, the team reveled in the fresh air, lovely island sunshine, and slight breeze. 

Each day included a variety of activities for the group. On the first day, the team saw sights like a tranquil pagoda (except for the macaques attracted by the fruit offerings) with a tour guide.

Other activities included: visiting the beach, playing volleyball, snorkeling, generally exploring the island, and trying the local seafood and desserts, like Chè (a sweet chia seed dessert with a kind of jelly-like consistency).

Then each night, the team enjoyed dinner, games, cocktails, and dancing, which was even choreographed sometimes!

One experience that particularly stood out during the trip was hiking through the national forest to eventually land on another beach (see photo below).

The Anduin Team hiking during our 2022 Retreat

Overall, the retreat left everyone in high spirits and feeling closer as a team in the Anduin Vietnam office.


Our team definitely made the most of their time together on this latest annual retreat.

After fostering a sense of community at work, strengthening those team bonds, contemplating the complexities of a high-growth start-up, and recharging the mind and body, our team is refreshed and ready for all that 2023 has in store for us, our clients, and our partners!

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