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How to use Anduin’s APIs for investor onboarding

APIs at AnduinProblems always need solutions. With the rise of startups and technology companies, there are more solution providers than ever with software you can integrate into your tech stack and immediately solve the issue at hand—at least in theory.

In reality, while each application solves a particular problem, it introduces new challenges like data duplication, dashboard redundancies, manual tracking, and data flow and transfers. This can happen in any industry, but we’ve seen it firsthand in the private markets with CRMs, investor portals, and general ledgers that can’t connect with one another.

Let’s explore an example of how Anduin’s API can help streamline the onboarding process and fit into your existing tech stack.

Need a refresher on API basics? Check out our guide to APIs.

Seamless integration with CRMs

Many private equity firms, including our clients, utilize CRMs for their prospecting and onboarding pipeline when fundraising.

Whether it’s Salesforce, DealCloud, or Affinity, these CRMs record their communications with investors, which can then indicate where the investor is in their pipeline.

The issue: Manual tracking

A number of fund managers & investor relations (IR) teams have set up funnels to track potential investors from the first touchpoint to the completed subscription. Their funnel often looks like this:

  • Contacted
  • Shown interest
  • Verbal commitment
  • Reviewing marketing materials
  • Subscription documents sent
  • Accepted investor

Unfortunately, since multiple external systems that don’t connect to one another are used throughout the onboarding process, tracking updates have to be done manually. Typically, this results in a spreadsheet exchanged via email among the fund teams, fund administrator, and fund counsel. This manual process often focuses on major steps to reduce the operational burden and lacks granularity, security, and version control.

The solution: An automated funnel with Anduin APIs

Anduin’s APIs were custom-built with seamless integration with your existing CRM in mind.
By leveraging our APIs, savvy fund managers & IR teams can reduce the number of manual inputs, get more frequent and detailed updates directly from their CRM, and even control the overall onboarding workflow.

Take a look at sending investor invitations for example. When the status of an investor is changed within your CRM to “sent sub docs” or a category of your choosing, the API integration could trigger an invitation to automatically be sent directly from Anduin. Since the connection to your CRM is already established with Anduin, we can also use the data stored there to pre-fill parts of the subscription document. This will save your investors time, headache from entering redundant information, and provide them with a better experience overall.

Group 160-1

Status and tracking updates can be sent automatically and used to move investors through the CRM funnel, providing numerous stakeholders with visibility into the progress of the fundraise. The CRM data is also enriched with important information provided in the subscription such as commitment amounts, accepted amounts, and any other relevant information.

Through our APIs, the funnel gets more comprehensive with less than half of the manual effort typically required and much richer in data. This new funnel could now look like this:

  • Contacted
  • Shown interest
  • Invited to complete prequalification
  • Completed prequalification, awaiting review
  • Reviewed & accepted
  • Invited to marketing data room
  • Invited to subscribe
  • Subscription in progress
  • Subscription pending review
  • Accepted investor

Another example of how APIs can work for you is by receiving and seamlessly passing along investor data and information to your fund administrator.

The technical brief

All of the above can be achieved by leveraging our 3 types of APIs:

  • Rest API to perform actions 
  • GraphQL API to read data
  • Webhooks to be notified of important progress


APIs are the solution to your investor onboarding woes.

By connecting your CRM with Anduin, you can swap all that manual tracking for a seamless, automated, and insightful experience for you, your team, and your investors.

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