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Empowering Change: $15M in Series B Funding to Supercharge Anduin's Impact

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"Why can't investing in the private markets be as easy as the public markets?"

For the longest time, investor onboarding was unsurprisingly seen as a necessary evil for both GPs and LPs.

GPs’ middle and back offices shed a lot of sweat and tears slogging through spreadsheets, emails, and paperwork for their investors. It was never an investor-friendly process either: printing out PDFs, endless-back-and forth with attorneys, random errors, and wet signatures caused pain on both sides.

But all this effort was always justified by the outcome. In the end, every investor was glad to diversify their portfolio and revel in the $14T private markets.

The private markets at large and knowledge about them have grown over the past decade, while access has not. GPs can no longer afford to subject themselves or their old and new investors alike to the painful, inefficient experience of paper subscription documents.

Fortunately, there is a solution to bridge the gap between GPs and LPs and bring democratization to the alts.

A well-kept secret

Enter Anduin. Our mission has always been to revolutionize transacting in the private markets. We’re doing so by closing the infrastructure gap between GPs and LPs.

Anduin has quietly been filling the gap, providing better investor experiences for hundreds of future-forward GPs, enabling them to onboard over 27K investors and raise over $55 billion in capital.

And if you ask the top private market professionals, particularly those in investor relations or operations, Anduin is one of their best-kept secrets.

Over 4% of ALL global capital raised in 2022 was through Anduin!

The Anduin of tomorrow

We are excited to announce the next milestone in our journey: Anduin has raised over $15 million in Series B funding!

This new funding will assist the continued expansion of our critical infrastructure in scale and scope, supporting strategic leaders globally in their investor onboarding needs and beyond.

We remain grateful to every investor who believed in our vision, every GP, LP, fund administrator, and law firm that gave us feedback, and every Anduin colleague that strove for excellence. Thank you for pushing us to build better private markets for everyone.

Onwards and Upwards!

Headshot of Eliot Hodges, CEO of Anduin Eliot Hodges
CEO, Anduin

View the official press release here

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