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January Release Notes - Improved wire instruction workflow

Anduin Product Release Note - January 2024

Looking for product updates? You've come to the right place!

Every month we pull together the best of the best new features and product updates. Take a look at the highlights from January 2024.

New and improved wire instruction workflow

In order to better serve our customers with valuable customization features, as well as simplifying the investor experience, we've improved the user interface and now adding custom wire instructions is a breeze!

Email with custom wire instruction information for sub docs

Figure 1: Email notification to investors.

New investor wire instruction workflow for sub docs

Figure 2: New investor wire instruction workflow.


Fund comment export

We recognize the fund side’s need to oversee the quality of their communication. Consequently, we offer fund administrators a means to export all fund comments, encompassing both internal and external communication for audit purposes.

We will soon surface this to the GP control panel, but in the meantime please contact our support team to export a clearly-formatted spreadsheet of your fund comments.


Fund comment export

Figure 1: When inviting members, users can add existing members from other funds.


Interested in enabling this feature on your account?
Contact our support team


Data Room 'True Move' feature enhancement

Instead of copying a file or folder and deleting the original in Data Room, the 'Move' feature now alters the destination in a 'true' move fashion. 

For better compliance and reporting support, the activity log now records this action accurately and updates the file ID accordingly.

Data Room move action activity log

Figure 1: Activity log showing 'Move' actions.

Data Room Move Action Export

Figure 2: 'Move' actions exported to spreadsheet from the activity log.