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December 2023 Release Notes - More versatile use cases

Anduin Product Updates for December 2023

Looking for product updates? You've come to the right place!

Every month we pull together the best of the best new features and product updates. Take a look at what has been introduced in December 2023.

More collaboration options

Fund administrators and investors can now mention each other by name when commenting on Anduin by typing '@' followed by their name.

1. For the Fund Manager

Fund managers can tag fund members in both internal and external threads. They can also mention themselves.

Image showing a fund manager tagging investors and collaborators in Fund Subscription

Figure 1: Shows a fund manager tags investors and collaborators in the external thread. 

2. For Investors

Both investors and collaborators, including fund administrators, fund counsel, and others, can tag and mention each other in their comment threads.

Image showing an investor tagging themselves and a collaborator in Fund SubscriptionFigure 2: Shows an investor tagging themselves and a collaborator in an external thread.


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Get a more detailed look at mention permissioning in our appendix.

Versatile use cases

Did you know Anduin Fund Subscription has additional applications you may not have known about? We've had success with the following:

Investor transfers By customizing the copy in Fund Subscription with the help of our Customer Support team we can create a workflow that enables investor transfers.
Master side letters With the help of Customer Support, Anduin Fund Subscription can be repurposed to handle master side letters for clients and more.

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Autoplay fund videos

Our Data Room pages help GPs market their fund with custom branding and important information, while LPs familiarize themselves with the raise.

With our latest update, featured videos can now be set to autoplay when the page loads. This gives even more control over how your fund is presented to prospective investors and we know those first impressions count!

Image showing a custom Data Room homepage with a featured video that plays automaticallyFigure 3: Shows a custom Data Room homepage with a featured video that automatically plays.



Diagram of mentioning permissions


Diagram of mentioning permissions in Fund Subscription