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September 2023 Release Notes - API Webhook

Anduin Product Release Note - September 2023 Header

Looking for product updates? You've come to the right place!

Every month we pull together the best of the best new features and product updates. Take a look at what has been introduced in September 2023.

Mark investors' pages as viewed

We now support multiple, personalizable, dashboards that are private by default but can be shared with other users. This allows the fund side to construct custom dashboards that focus on different aspects of the subscription, with options to restrict access.


Investor groups

We now offer the ability to control the accessibility of a fund user's group to both current & future investors' data using the concept of the Investor Group. 

Impact on the investor invitation workflow:

From the Anduin platform

The Fund Subscription admin can select which Investor Group the newly invited investors will belong to. Thus, they can control the accessibility of the GP group with the custom roles set to investors’ data.

Investor Groups - From Anduin Platform

From a shareable link and via API

All new investors who join from the shareable link will not belong to any investor groups in particular.

Investor Groups - From Sharable link or Public API


API Webhook

Webhook allows users to subscribe to event changes. They will be notified when there are changes. We support subscribing to 2 events:

  • Order status change
  • New order created


Support for signing via touch screen

We now support touchscreen signing on all supported web-mobile browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge).

Subscription Touchscreen Mockup

UX improvement

We've now moved the dashboard view tag (Private or View only) next to the dashboard name.

UI/UX Improvement - Moved dashboard view tag