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March Release Notes - EU Data residency

Anduin Product Release Note - March 2024

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Every month we pull together the best of the best new features and product updates. Take a look at the highlights from March 2024.

EU Data Residency

European data residency mandates that certain types of data collected on Anduin, from funds operating in the EU, must be stored and processed within the EU’s geographic boundaries.

Anduin offers a simple way to set up and maintain data residency within your chosen geographic location. By having data centers located in both the U.S. and the EU, we can offer customers the ability to choose where their data should be processed and stored. 

As illustrated below, customers may choose whether individual funds be located in the EU or U.S. data center. Fund managers and investors may still access the fund from anywhere in the world.

Connect with us to discuss your data residency requirements.

EU Data Residency


For more information about your data residency options
Visit our dedicated support article →



Faster AML/KYC document handling

AML/KYC document checks are an essential part of due diligence, and essential for compliance. They are performed to verify identity and prevent illegal activity, but they do have an administrative overhead.

To streamline the AML/KYC document review process, and stem that administrative overhead, we’ve introduced the following batch processes.


AML/KYC document approval

With batch approval, during the AML/KYC review process, the Fund Manager can now efficiently approve multiple AML/KYC documents for an individual investor. This accelerates approvals with less effort for all parties.


Approve multiple AML KYC docs


For further support with this features
Check out our guide to reviewing AML/KYC documents →


Batch AML/KYC document change requests

Requesting changes to AML and KYC documents, as a fund manager, is time-consuming and tedious. With the new batch change request feature, fund managers can select multiple AML/KYC documents from an individual investor and request changes to them. 

Fund managers will then be prompted to provide detail for the requested changes, which provides additional information to the investor, and helps them to swiftly understand the request.


Request changes to multiple AML/KYC documents with Anduin


For our guide to reviewing AML/KYC documents on Anduin

Visit our dedicated support article →



Fund Subscription fund activity notification

We currently display unread notifications as a number next to the relevant icon in the interface. We are moving toward a new system for notifications using only a dot. This is to help users to distinguish between levels of importance in notifications. It should also help to reduce visual noise and cognitive fatigue.

Fund Subscription notification enhancement


Data room white labeling improvements

We are introducing additional white labeling opportunities in Data Room, allowing users to customize their homepage further, to more closely match their brand.
Custom thumbnails

You can now add custom thumbnails for the documents available on your homepage. 

Anduin Data Room white labeling

Ability to remove background from homepage header text

We’ve introduced the option to turn off the background text formatting in your homepage header.

Anduin Data Room white labeling

Data Room name displayed in website title

The name of your data room is now displayed in the title bar of your browser, as it’s now added to the <title> tag of your homepage.


Read more about Anduin Data Room white labeling options
Visit our dedicated support article →



Data Room file upload limit increase

We’ve increased the upload limit for individual files from 500MB to 1GB. This means you can now upload files to your data room of up to 1GB at a time without issue.