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PEI’s IR, Marketing & Communications Forum 2023 Highlights Growing Need for Flexibility

Jack Turner and Joe Martino from Anduin at PEI's IR Forum 2023

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Another year, another Private Equity International’s Investor Relations, Marketing & Communications Forum!

Held on April 19-20 in New York City, PEI’s 2023 signature event focused on IR, marketing, and communications did not disappoint. Over 350+ individuals including GPs, LPs, technology providers, industry experts, and more attended from all around the globe to discuss topics ranging from brand, investor experience, team building, DEI, and digital transformation. 

While market conditions continue to evolve, there was plenty of conversation regarding managing to raise funds in this environment. Our VP of Sales, Tony Paredes, even spoke on a panel of experts including Amy Nelson of Rethink Capital Partners, Michelle Noyes, CAIA of AIMA, and Sarah Tomolonius, M13 focused on fundraising during a downturn

VP of Sales Tony Paredes on PEI's Panel DiscussionPanel discussion as mentioned above.

Event Highlights

Between meeting with clients, partners, and prospects, my colleagues Tony, Joe Martino, and I gathered these insights:

  • The need for technology in the private markets is only growing. With market volatility, many fund managers are competing for a fluctuating pool of investor dollars. Garnering the investors’ attention and the ability to be nimble and flexible when it comes to commitments are now more important than ever. The right technology can assist GPs and their IR teams with flexing to accommodate a range of investors and varying check sizes.

  • When considering private markets technology, integrations into other systems were also top of mind as a way to enhance efficiencies. That being said, not all integrations are created equal or are easy to implement, so scoping out and aligning on the right workflow is critical. Learn more about Anduin’s APIs here.

  • Fundraises are expected to take longer in this current environment. This means providing consistent communication and transparency with LPs will be vital to keeping and maintaining healthy investor relationships. Leveraging technology with automated communications and end-to-end processing like Anduin can help onboard investors and keep them up-to-date throughout the lifecycle of a fund.

  • The importance of having access to real-time investor data tracking and visibility internally across teams at funds was emphasized. This again will give fund managers an advantage in the more competitive investor environment that exists today.

Ready for Next Year

Thanks to PEI for allowing Anduin to sponsor this sensational event. We look forward to the upcoming events throughout 2023 and beyond!

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Photo of PEI's IR Forum 2023