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October 2023 Release Notes - Permissions enhancement

Anduin Product Updates - October 2023

Looking for product updates? You've come to the right place!

Every month we pull together the best of the best new features and product updates. Take a look at what has been introduced in October 2023.

Adding order metadata via public API

Order metadata is now supported by our public API to allow the addition of extra details to subscription orders. Fund managers can now store custom unique identifiers from your system in Anduin Fund Subscription.

Anduin - Adding order metadata via public API


Customizing signing instructions for AML/KYC documents

We understand that the default instructions in the AML/KYC document sections may not adequately address the specific needs of your particular fund. To provide Fund Managers with greater flexibility in guiding investors through your AML/KYC requirements, we've introduced the ability to customize the signature instruction messages within the AML/KYC section. 

Please reach out to our support team if you wish to add a customized message to this section for your investors, we'd be happy to oblige.


Permission Interface Enhancement

In an ongoing effort to enhance user experience, we've made a minor adjustment to the permissions interface. This update involves placing permissions into two distinct categories, allowing fund managers to gain a clearer understanding of the implications associated with each permission configuration.

Anduin - Permissions UX enhancement