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April Release Notes - Investor voting


April 2024 - Release Note

Looking for product updates? You've come to the right place!

Every month we pull together the best of the best new features and product updates. Take a look at the highlights from April 2024.

Investor voting workflow

SEC regulation changes, due in August, requires investor votes on an increasing number of use cases. We expect most funds will be doing an increasing number of investor votes, so, in order to support funds with this, we’ve added a new LP Voting workflow.             

To initiate the LP voting flow, please contact us. We will assist you in creating a new fund with customized copy tailored specifically for this workflow. LP votes will be recorded in custom columns that display the form data, allowing you to export the investor dashboard data for offline analysis and visualization.

Investor Voting - Release Note Gif

Set up an Investor Voting workflow
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Invest from multiple funds/with multiple currencies

We’ve improved tracking of commitment amounts to enhance the fundraise experience by surfacing the varying amount values when an LP chooses to invest from multiple currencies or funds.

Now, when multiple commitment amounts are tracked, those amounts are also displayed on the Master Dashboard, at the Batch Countersign step, and in the Reporting tab.

Multiple Currencies and Funds

Set up a fund with multiple funds or currencies
Contact us to discuss your requirements


Prevent investors from resolving comments

To maintain historical data for Counsel, we allow the fund side to prevent investors from resolving comments. Investors can still create and respond to comments, but only Counsel or a Fund Administrator can resolve them. This ensures that Counsel can properly track all open comments.

Prevent investors from resolving comments


Rich text support for Upload AML/KYC & other document descriptions

We’ve implemented rich text support on the description field for uploading AML/KYC and other documents. This section usually contains instruction, or other important information, and without any formatting, readability and general presentation can be poor.

A rich-text field lets you add details with formatting, and even links, for clearer understanding and easier access to relevant information.


New APIs

Lookup orders by contact API

The first of the new APIs we added this month looks up the subscriptions for a particular contact. This helps to give an overview of an investors’ engagement, including their onboarding status. 

With the contact’s email used as the input, all of the funds that person was engaged with, either as a primary contact or a collaborator, will be returned, along with their corresponding statuses.


Flagged offline submissions

The second API addition this month is to help fund managers differentiate between a subscription completed online, or offline. To do this we’ve added a field which tells us if the investor uploaded a signed sub doc or not. If they uploaded a signed document, we know that the investor submitted offline.



E-Sign signatures

In response to customer feedback, the date format on all signature flows has been changed to the full, expanded, date form e.g. 14 June 2024.


Improved invitation APIs

We’ve made an enhancement to the invite investor and bulk invite investor APIs, adding the ability to specify if a contact should receive an invitation email or not.