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February Release Notes - New Fund Subscription permissions

Anduin Product Release Note - February 2024

Looking for product updates? You've come to the right place!

Every month we pull together the best of the best new features and product updates. Take a look at the highlights from February 2024.

Batch document distribution from Data Room

With the introduction of batch file distribution, the manual process of uploading and organizing files into their respective folders is eliminated. 

Leveraging intuitive naming conventions, if a file's name includes a designated folder name (e.g., investor), the system will automatically map and categorize the uploaded file into the appropriate folder, streamlining the document management process for enhanced convenience and organization.

Batch document distribution UX

For a full step-by-step guide on batch document distribution

Visit our dedicated support article →


File versioning in Data Room

File versioning enables fund managers to update documents seamlessly without the need for document replacement. With version manager, fund users now have the ability to seamlessly update and maintain multiple versions of a document without having to update permissions and reshare.

File versioning in Data Room UX

For a full step-by-step guide on file versioning

Visit our dedicated support article →


Fund Subscription permission enhancements

We've added a set of 10 permission switches to give administrators greater control over the actions and access they can assign to their custom user groups.

These permission switches are automatically enabled for all custom groups.

Fund Subscription permissions UX

For a full guide on our permission enhancements

Visit our dedicated support article →


Internal comment flagging

Internal comments can now be flagged, with an optional reason, to draw attention to those comments which require it.

Comment flagging UX


Assigning of comments to users

As part of our commenting improvements, we've introduced a user-friendly interface to facilitate assigning comments to users. To increase organizational efficiency, comments can now also be filtered by type (e.g. Subscription docs, AML/KYC, or all). 

To make comments more easily actionable, the comment inbox can also be organized by mentions, comments assigned to you, to others, or all.

Assigning comments to users


Ability to filter form columns on dashboard

Fund managers now have the capability to filter investors based on the information they input in the subscription form. This feature has potential for custom use cases such as allowing fund managers to monitor if the LP commitment amount has reached a pre-set threshold.


Sync supporting documents only when the order is finalized

Previously we were sending supporting documents to external data room as soon as the investor submits them. In case back and forth is expected on documents (e.g. AML/KYC reviewer requires an updated doc) we have added a new option to only sync supporting docs when the order reaches Countersigned or Distributed status.


New API event webhooks

We only support two events on our webhooks including:

  • New order created
  • Changes in investor status

February sees the addition of two more webhooks:

  • Order close updated:   subscription_close_changed  
  • Order tags updated:     subscription_tags_changed