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Employee Spotlight: Sarah Donovan, Legal Digitization Manager

Employee Spotlight: Sarah Donovan

Anduin is on a mission to revolutionize the investor experience in the private markets. We've assembled a global team of talented, ambitious individuals focused on transforming alternative market transactions so they are easy, efficient, and painless.

Our Employee Spotlight series highlights Anduin colleagues so you can get to know our team and see what it's like to work at Anduin. This time, I connected with Sarah Donovan, our Legal Digitization Manager located in Washington, DC, US.

What do you do at Anduin?

I am a Legal Digitization Manager at Anduin.

In this role, I review and assist the digitization team with transforming a client’s fund subscription document into an online smart form on our platform. I review this transition to help find all the logical legal pathways for investors so that it is as intuitive as possible to complete.

I’ve learned a lot in this role and at Anduin since starting in August 2021.

What attracted you to Anduin?

Anduin’s mission was appealing to me. I wanted to join the company to make the often painful process of subscribing to a private fund easier and more accessible for investors.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My colleagues are my favorite part of the job. They consistently show up for one another and work to solve problems collaboratively. The teamwork and the laughter make even the hardest day a little easier.

Fun facts about Sarah

What skills have helped you be successful at Anduin?

My ability to be creative with problem-solving. Working at a startup means that sometimes there is no easy solution or path because we are in uncharted territory. When you’re breaking ground, using creativity and improvisation to find what works and can work long-term is paramount.

What is something that is part of your daily routine when working from home?

In the afternoon, I enjoy sitting with some tea by my window to look out at the city. It’s the perfect combination of hustle and calm.

What is the most important thing you've learned since starting at Anduin?

I’ve learned that it’s okay to share ideas with all levels of staff. Sometimes the CEO can solve the smallest problem or the newest employee can solve the biggest one so sharing can help everyone stay on the same page.

How would you describe Anduin in 3 words or less?

Striving, intentional, and dedicated.

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